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Curriculum vitae and Project summary




   Professor Kosmas Markatos of Miltiades and Maria was born im Naphpactos (Nafpactos, Lepando) of the country Aitolia and Akarnania (Greece) * He studied Physics and Mathematics in the university of Athens (Athenai) (Hellas or Greece) (1960 -  1966) and Numerical Analysis in the university of Bath (United Kingdom (UK)) (1973 -  1975) in horse breeding of  the Breedin State Institutιοn (IKY) * He is a senior (monody) of Conservatories (National of Athens) and of municipal of Larisa * He taught in the Schools of Greek Comumities of Egypt as a school principal (Port Side) * He had migradet in Canada and United States of America (1971 - 1973) * From the year 1973 he studies the structure of the Hellenic (Greek) language and the Technology of the Greeks (Ancient) * Since the year 1976 until the year 2005 there was professor of the Technological Educational Institution (T.E.I) of Larisa (Thessaly), where he coordinated and realized two research programms " Mathematical Study of the Structure of the Hellenic Language"  and " Triangulation of the Hellenic World (both of five years term): In the second my daughter Maria Markatou, mechanical city planner and mechanical regional was participated * He is the founder of the Lexarithmic Theory (Axiomatic theory of study and production of Knowledge on everything -  by the Hellenic language (TEI of Larisa, 1976, first announcement) * He is the precursor of foundation of all Annexes of the Hellenic Mathematical Etaireia (Companies) (EME, in Athens), where he was the president of the first Annex of Thessaly for many years * He is the founder (with his wife Anastasia Markatou Miamopoulou and his daughter Maria K. Markatou) of the Company "Hellenic Logos" for the study and the defense of the Hellenism * He was the editor and publisher of the periodical publications " ΠΑ.Μ.Μ.Ε.ΓΑΣ" (ΠΑγκόσμιος Μαθηματική Μελέτη Ελληνικῆς ΓλώσσΑΣ) - (PAMMEGAS) (PAngosmios Mathematical Melete (Study) of HEllenic GlossAS (of Languge) and "ΕΥΡΩΕΛΛΑΣ" (Εὐρεῖα Ελλάς) - UROHELLAS, Wide Greece) for the awake of the Neo-Hellenes (Greeks) and the reconnection with the their very old roots * From the year 1976, also, through lectures, workshops and conferences of every range, radio and televizion broadcasts, and interviews, declars and demostrates the universality (pangosmiotes) of the Hellenic Language, the maternity and the hellenic origin of all people and languages.


His works

Α. Secondary Education η:
* Two volums of Educational Psycology (Effective Teaching - Know your Teacher  / Therapeutic Action - Know your Pupil).

Β. Higher Education
* Business Statistics.
* Mathematics, General and Credit, with applications in Economy and Management.

Γ. Research of the Hellenism:
*Λεξαριθμικόν Λεξικόν τῆς Ἑλληνικῆς Γλώσσης - Lexarithmikon Lexicon tes Hellenikes Glossas (Language) (Manuscript , 22 volums - Unpublished ).
* Η Διαλεκτική τῶν Ἰδεών - Κόσμος, Γνώση καί Γλῶσσα (Πορίσματα Λεξαριθμικῆς Θεωρίας) - He Dialektice ton Ideon (of Ideas) - Cosmos, Gnose (Knowledge) kai Glossa (Language) -  Porismata (conclution) Lexarithmikes Theorias (theory).
* Η Λεξαριθμική Θεωρία - Η Γλώσσα των Γλωσσών (He Lexarithmike Theoria (Theory) -  He Glossa (Language) ton Glosson (of Languages).

* Η Διαχρονικότης της Ελληνικής Γλώσσης -  Ἡ Ὁμοία Μεταβολή (He Diacronikotes (Diacronic) tes Hellenkes Glosses (Language)  - He Omoia (Similar) Metabole (Change).

* Ἡ Προέλευσις τῶν  Μακεδόνων --  Διά τῆς Λεξαριθμικῆς Θεωρίας (He proeleusis (descent) ton Makedonon (Macedons) dia (Via) tes Lexaritmikes Theorias (Theory).
* Ελληνογένεια Λαών και Γλωσσών -  Tό Ἑλληνοπρεπές γονίδιον Ηέλλην (Ellenogeneia (of hellenic genus) Laon (of People) and Glosson (of Languages) -  To Hellenoprepes (becomin a Hellen, a Greek) gene Hellen (Greek).
* Τεχνολογία των Ελλήνων (Πτυχιακή Εργασία: Κ.Μ. Μαρκάτος, Δ. Παπαγεωργίου) -  Ptychiake (graduate) herhasia (work), K. M. Markatos, D Papageorgiou .
* Τεχνολογία των Ελλήνων (CD) - Κ.Μ. Μαρκάτος, Δ. Παπαγεωργίου) -  Technologia ton Hellenon (of Greeks) CD, K.M. Markatos, D. Papageorgiou.
* "H Μυστική 'Aρχαιοελληνική Τεχνολογία (3 τ. Κ. Μαρκάτος, Δ.Παγεωργίου-Εκδ. Κάδμος) -  He mystic Archaioellenike (of Ancient Greeks) Technologia (Teccnology), 3 tomoi (volumes), K.M. Markatos, D. Papageorgiou ⇒ NOT IN CIRCULATION

* Οὐράνιος ἀστροθεσία ἰερών καί ναών τοῦ Ἑλληνικοῦ Κόσμου - Houranios (celestial) astrothesia (star order) Hieron (of sacturies) kai naon (of temples) tou Hellenic Cosmos (Werld).

* Tό DNA ὁμιλεί Ἑλληνικά! - Πλατωνικοί Διάλογοι (To DNA omilei (speaks) Hellenika (Greek) -  Platonikoi (Platonic) Dialogoi (dialogs).
* Τό Ἰσοψηφικόν Λεξικόν τῆς Ἑλληνικῆς Γλώσσης - Κλειδί δια τους νοήμονας υπολογιστές (To Hisopsefikon Lexikon (of equal psefos (number) tes Hellenikes (of Greek) Glosses (Language) -  Kleidi (key) dia (for) tous noemonas (inteligent) Hypologistes (Computers)

* Κοσμόγλωσσα 2007 - Τo Λεξαριθμικόν Λεξικόν τῆς Ἑλληνικῆς Γλώσσης (CD) (Kosmoglossa (language of the Cosmos) 2007 -  To Lexarithmikon (Lejarithmic) Lexikon (Lexicon) tes Hellenikes Glosses (Greek Language) (CD):

   {Πολυλεξικόν: Αλφαβητικόν, Σημασιολογικόν, Ετυμολογικόν, Προσωδειακόν, Ισοψηφικόν, Αλφαριθμικόν (Polylexicon, Alphabetikon (Alphabetical), Semasiologikon (semasiological), Hetymologikon (hetymological), Prosodeiakon (of prosody), Hisopsefikon (of equal number), Alpharithmikon (.

  * Περί Ψυχής -  Peri (about) Psyches (of Saul).

Περιοδικαί Εκδόσεις (Periodikai (Periodical) Ekdoseis (Publications):
* Περιοδικόν Παμμέγας (22 τεύχη, μονά και διπλά, 1980 - 1990) -  Periodikon (Magazin) Pammegas, 22 teuxe (issues), mona (simple) kai (and) dipla (double), 1980 - 1990.
* Εφημερίς ΕυρωΕλλάς (37 φύλλα, μονά και διπλά, 1990-2000 Μάρτιος) -  Ephemeris (journal) EuroEllas (Wide Greece), 37 fylla (issues), mona (simple)
kai (and) dipla (double), 1990 -  2000 March.

    The COSMOGLOSSA 2007 through the Lexarithmic Theory (established the year 1976 in TEI of Larisa and published in the first issue of the journal PAMMEGAS, but apprehended the year 1973, makes known the mathematical structure of the Hellenic Language and the hellenogeneia (of greek origin) of People and languages.


   Down load the application icon Kosmoglossa Free Version

Instructions: Decompress the file "setup_free_ver.zip" and execute the file setup.exe for installation of the application.


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